Patented Hail Protector System

is an Automobile Hail Protection System that largely eliminates damage to your car or truck from any size hail!

It has all the design properties of a traditional car cover, but also stops hail.

Includes and early warning hail alert and hail forecast mobile app for apple and android phones.

Protect your vehicle now!

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What do our Customers say about us?
  • Great product. Great service. Don't hesitate!
  • I almost look forward to spring hailstorms.
  • This product is just GENIUS!
  • Anyone can do it!

Early Warning Alert Service

You will have access to a daily forecast for hail activity & an early warning hail alert & weather app mobile app for the most comprehensive hail storm & severe weather information available today.

As Featured in the News!

The Hail Protector system has been featured on many News and Cable Channels on TV. They love us!

Amazing Customer Photos!

A sample of our customers have sent us beautiful photos of their Hail Protector system activated.

Hail damage to automobiles reaches nearly $1B each year

Occuring throughout the Continental US resulting in tremendous loss of vehicle value and owner inconvenience in having to seek repair or replacement.