• “I love the product.” ~customer Sheryl
  • “Can I just say BRAVO!” ~customer Lisa
  • “I almost look forward to Spring hailstorms.” ~customer James
  • “This product is just genius!” ~customer RG
  • “Great product. Great service. Don’t hesitate!” ~customer John
  • “Anyone can do it.” ~customer Deidre
  • “This is a superb solution.” ~customer CP
  • “Excellent company to deal with.” ~customer Paul
  • “Great product, even better company” ~customer Jeremy
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  • “Company that goes out of their way to ensure customers are happy & satisfied” ~customer Jody
  • “Your innovation and drive is inspiring!” ~customer Patrick

Hail Protector

The Patented Hail Protector System (US 8,985,672), starting at $349 with FREE SHIPPING!

    • Provides a FREE Daily Hail Forecast Email (“Opt-in”) (USA Only)
    • Warns you, via email and/or text, well ahead of time when hail or the potential of hail is near one of your registered locations. This customizable subscription is FREE to purchasers of The HAIL PROTECTOR System (USA Only).
    • Powered by “AA” batteries, Cig Lighter Cord or AC outlet, the lightweight, remote-controlled, damage preventing cover installs and activates in just a few minutes!
    • Reduces and largely eliminates damage to your car or truck from any size hail!
    • All the design properties of a traditional car cover, including UV, water resistance and the breathability your vehicle requires to prevent moisture and heat build up!


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